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Cathie Lentz Fryer, CTC

Name: Cathie Lentz Fryer, CTC
Business Name: CTA Travel, Inc.
Address: 13293 South Street
Cerritos, California 90703
Phone Number: +1 (800) 758-4955
Fax Number: +1 (480) 483-5315
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Description of Services:

Training Specialties – “Coaching Inside The Sales Team”:

  • Training front line sales agents on Client Base and how to maximize the benefits from CB tools.
  • Training front line sales agents on “Full Circle Marketing” to increase sales and ROI.
  • Training the agency trainer.
  • Working with Manager and Owners on Associate Development to maximize the strengths of their individual talents to ensure successful team performance.
  • Conducting performance reviews for maximum agency and employee improvement and productivity.
  • Effective goal setting and follow through for bottom line results.
  • Employee incentives that keep the motivation fires alive.

Training Philosophy

I understand each travel company operates with their own business model and has unique core competencies. No matter the business model chosen and no matter how large or small a travel company is, each company is only as good as the team members who have contact with the clients. I keep up to date on front line sales tools and I understand sales agents’ day to day operations. I listen and connect with the sales team and work with them to maximize their opportunities. My passion is to explore opportunities and coach your team reach its full potential.

I enjoy working with owners and managers to review the opportunities and tools that will enhance their teams’ productivity and ROI. I am a firm believer in “Inspect what you Expect” and I work with owners and managers to ensure they take advantage of all opportunities in managing their sales team.

Background or History:

For more than twenty-five years Cathie Lentz Fryer has been the President of CTA Travel, a leading provider of tourism services and travel planning.  In this capacity, Cathie is responsible for overseeing all of the company’s daily operations such as sales and marketing, staff development, finance and general administration.  

Cathie graduated from Cal State University Fullerton with a bachelor’s degree in communications with marketing and public relations as the emphasis. She is a certified incentive and meeting planning specialist.

Since 1985, Cathie has been working with travel companies in maximizing their use of Client Base. In the past two years, she has consulted with over 60 travel companies. Cathie’s consulting extends from front line sales training to employee development.

In recognition of an exemplary career in the travel industry, Cathie Lentz Fryer was included in the Princeton Premier Registry where she is listed among the most accomplished business leaders and professionals from every industry around the globe.

Comments from those who I have worked with:


Thank you so much for the time you spent with us this morning. Found it very informative and gave us some definite new ideas in working with the agents.

Have a wonderful holiday. You’re the best!

David Van Ness
Vice President


I wanted to personally thank you so much for coming out here to Woodland Hills. Everyone was so impressed with you! Thanks for all the attachments and suggestions. I know the LA office will be in touch with you. David and Leslie enjoyed meeting you.

I’m sure I will speak to you soon.



Thank you Cathie, you rock! We'll be taking a look at these and moving forward. Everyone is VERY excited. Then, we can see a good time and plan to bring you back.



You are such a great teacher!!!!! We are all putting in our files.....Sandi has been to class, Kathy goes this month and 3 of us go in October......others are doing on line training.....So far so good!!!

I cannot thank you enough for all your help!

See you in Scottsdale!


Thanks for your time today Cathie! You are amazing. I love the way you think.

Have a great time at TMU. We shall chat when you return.


Sharl Cline

Hi Cathie

Just got the scripts--and I want to tell you how much I appreciate your taking the time to get them to me. At first glance, they already appear to be just what I need--a really good frame of reference. Thanks too for your offer to talk to me if I have further questions.

Thanks again.

Alice Gokkes

Hi Cathie,

 I hope you are having a great day and are able to catch up after our having taken up so much of your time in the last couple of days!  I just wanted to send a quick email to thank you so much for taking the time to teach me so many things about ClientBase.

I am seriously excited to get our office on board with this and actually, I think most of our ladies are too.  We are sure this will give our office the competitive edge in the (hopefully near!) future.

Warmest wishes,


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