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shyam marar

Name: Shyam Marar
Address: P.O. Box 428
Alma, Michigan 48801
Phone Number: +1 (231) 944-5353
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Description of Services:

Custom Software Development – “No customization is too difficult”:

  • Provide solutions to existing software shortcomings.
  • Develop and create customizations with current technologies to leverage existing software.
  • Create simple and easy interfaces to the customization without extensive training requirements.
  • Work with Manager, Associates, Owners, and Vendors to maximize the strengths of their individual talents to ensure a successful solution.
  • Create performance reviews and feasibility involving the customization to improve productivity.
  • Good project management with documentation with effective timelines to obtain the desired results.

Data Management and Analytics – “No information is good information if it does not make sense”:

  • Data analysis and comprehensive information management tools.
  • Provide enterprise level information management that can help deliver integrated, accurate and timely data – both structured and unstructured.
  • Use unified data integration and data quality management solution to consolidate, improve and deliver data anywhere via the web or desktop.
  • Good project management with documentation with effective timelines to obtain the desired results.

Background or History:


A Software Developer by profession, Shyam Marar has been programming since 1980 and has worked with Microsoft Technologies and .NET Framework ever since its inception. Shyam Marar has co-authored numerous articles on Microsoft and .NET technologies. He is also an Active member of the Microsoft Developer Community. Shyam has the ability to direct complex projects from concept to fully operational status. Shyam is a goal-oriented individual with strong leadership capabilities. Shyam is organized, highly motivated, and detail-directed problem solver.

Summary of IT career and software development.

Shyam started programming in the early 1980 and working from mainframe systems to the PC world and the .NET Framework ever since its conception. His core areas include ASP.NET, AJAX, XML, Data access, Data management and Reporting (crystal reporting) to component development. Shyam has worked in various industries from Legal, Commercial and Industrial Real Estate (, Electric Utility (, Travel Industries to Travel Consortia’s. He has co-authored numerous online publications in .NET Development and component development on the web. He is also a Microsoft Partner and has taught in the capacity of an Adjunct at the community college teaching web technologies, programming languages, data management, and reporting. Shyam has been focusing on component development with quality, personal attention, and real-life utilization. His passion for the technology prompted him to program for fun and also embark on a website to help others learn the emerging technologies. He is also a Microsoft Certified Application Developer which provides industry recognition to professional developers who build powerful applications by using Microsoft Technologies.


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