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You will find that the range of training expertise and experience among the Joselyn Consulting Group is both ample and notable. Rather than providing extensive canned descriptions for each consulting area our philosophy is that each client need is unique and is treated as such. It is not the job of Joselyn Consulting Group to make your needs fit our services but to make our services fit your needs.

Every Associate will take the time to understand exactly what your needs in a given area are. If they can bring value and solutions they will tell you that and explain in detail both the deliverables and your investment. If an Associate does not have the expertise and experience to be an investment they will tell you that as well and recommend an alternative if they are aware of one.

Find the area of training expertise you are looking for and click on the Associate listed. You will be taken to their brief resume that will provide more background information and contact information.

1 All consultants are independent. Arrangements and agreements for consulting and/or training services are direct with the consultant and their corporations.

Training Topic


Customer Service (all employees)
Dr. Robert W. Joselyn
Marketing and Promotion
Training front line sales agents on "Full Circle Marketing" to increase sales and ROI
Heather Greenbaum
Online Training
Scott Staffiery
Service Fees (Owners/Managers/Agents)

Dr. Robert W. Joselyn

Service Fees
Service Fees: Making Them Work

Dr. Robert W. Joselyn
Sales Training
The Art of Collaborative Selling
Selling Strategies & Techniques

Dr. Robert W. Joselyn